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Salt Lake Arts Academy - SUMMER@SLArts

Welcome to Salt Lake Arts Academy's 4th SUMMER@SLArts Program …. Eight weeks, more than 45 courses, Invited Artists & SLArts Faculty, are all here to bring your child immersion in the Salt Lake Arts Academy Experience! Join us for a summer of fun!

Every day of our school year we offer our students art classes in either music, dance, drama, visual arts and more, yet summer is an ideal time to continue with arts you love, or explore something new in a more relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere. In the summer, we open our doors to students from other schools, alums, and friends old and new.  

Whether we are making movies, practicing a scene in a play, biking around town, using collaged materials to paint, trying out the ukulele, or any number of new experiences, we are going to bring your student something out of the ordinary! 


Chess, Creative Writing, History, Science, Technology/Computers, Dance, Drama, Music, Drums, Stringed instruments, Participatory (e.g., music jam sessions, dancing, theater), Arts: Visual, Drawing, Film, Painting/sculpture, Photography, Exercise & Health, Biking, Hiking, Yoga, Hands-on, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Nature/Outdoors