Salt Lake City Family Newsletter January 24, 2013 | Kids Out and About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Family Newsletter January 24, 2013

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Salt Lake City Family Newsletter 1/24/13

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Save the Date:
Feb 1-2: Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company presents its popular family and children's show, Kaleidoscope  at the Capitol Theatre on February 1 & 2. Advance ticket purchase is recommended.
Feb 9: Ryan Innes in concert at SCERA Center for the Arts
March 1-2: Utah All Kids Sale at South Town Expo
March 2: Safe Kids Fair at South Towne Expo

Where to take your kids ice skating
Family-friendly skiing within driving distance
Cross-country skiing
Indoor play centers
Where can kids ski free? Ski discounts in our region

Dear KidsOutAndAbout readers:

When I was a young adult, I didn't understand jazz. I considered myself a classical music fan (particularly Copland) AND a rock music fan (particularly Rush). But as for jazz, the little I'd heard of it I considered to be part of my parents' generation, and therefore not "me."

It's a good thing we don't stop maturing at age 30, huh?

When I first had Madison, I used to look at her in my arms and wonder what she was going to accomplish with her life, what talents would bloom, what would light her world on fire. I had so much to show her! Soon, though, I realized a potential problem: Suppose I only expose her to the things that I like. She could be a genius at bagpipes or sculpture or automotive engines... but if I limit her world to MY interests, she might never discover her own passions.

That's when I realized that a big part of parenting is bringing kids "out and about" to ALL SORTS of things that aren't my thing. We wouldn't just do Beethoven and Springsteen, we'd also have to do opera and rap. We wouldn't just watch baseball, we'd have to do soccer and basketball and, merciful heavens, golf, probably. (Haven't managed that yet, unless miniature golf counts.)

And what happened was what you might predict, because each child is an individual: Ella loves Rush, Madison has little use for the band. Madison and David go on long hikes in cold weather, Ella and I would rather stay in and cook. Ella and David watch old slapstick comedies, Madison and I would rather read. Ella currently gets her love of and talent for scrapbooking not from me (goodness knows) but from KOA's VP of Operations, June Santini, who is pleased to have a "daughter" to inherit her passion.

And here's the cool thing: All four of us like jazz. See, when you're open to new experiences with your kids, amazing things can happen. EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING.

Especially when you get out and about. Some ideas for that, of course, are below.

--Debra Ross


And now a few items from our Salt Lake City editor, Holly Bishop:

2) This is the final week to catch Da Vinci The Genius at The Leonardo. This traveling exhibition brings the genius of Leonardo da Vinci - the inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor, and philosopher - to life. Families can explore and interact with his machines, his famous art, and more. Get your tickets now if you want to catch this exhibit before it leaves town.

3) This Monday is Family Autism Night at Discovery Gateway. Family Autism Night is an evening when Discovery Gateway opens its doors exclusively to families with autistic children, offering these families a chance to explore the museum with other families who face similar life experiences.

4) Naborhood Bakery and Deli is offering its popular Cookie College on Tuesdays and Thursdays through February. Parents/grandparents and their kids should sign up in advance to spend an afternoon at the bakery taking a tour, shaping and decorating cookies, and having lunch.

5) When purchasing tickets to home Utah Jazz games, did you know that you can get discounts and avoid all service fees (and, let's face it, that's where the really savings is)? Just give Mike George a call at 801.325.7213 during regular office hours and he'll hook you up. We have all the upcoming home games listed on our calendar, so check them out!

And the savings isn't restricted to Jazz games. Mike can get you great prices on just about everything that goes on at the EnergySolutions Arena, including tickets to Monster Jam, The Harlem Globetrotters, and Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. He can even let you in on deals for Salt Lake Bees baseball tickets!

When you call Mike, please be sure to mention KidsOutsAndAbout!

6) The last Thursday of every month, the Natural History Museum of Utah hosts a meeting of the Chickadee Society. This preschool storytime features science-themed stories, hands-on activities, movement, and museum exploration for preschoolers/emergent readers and their parents/guardians. Check it out!

7) Our local libraries offer great programs year round. Some ones you might want to work into your family's schedule this week include:

8) Have you ever considered taking your kids to Las Vegas? Well, some folks think that it's exclusively an adult town. To a certain extent, that's true, but our VP of Operations took a trip there recently and found great ways to keep kids entertained in a city that has lots of nicknames, not all of them savory. Click here to read June's review of Family-Friendly Las Vegas. Really.

9) Birthday parties: Here's something you might like to accomplish during this first month of the year: Your child's birthday party. KidsOutAndAbout has a list of 113 creative places to have a birthday party in and around Salt Lake. Browsing through the list is a joy and will inspire you with all kinds of ideas. And think about how efficient you'll feel to have the initial planning done!

10) Indoor Play Centers: Speaking of birthday parties, most of the indoor play centers in our area have birthday parties. But there are a lot of other reasons to visit these great places! The most important is that your kids get active fun in the winter when the weather is too cold or nasty to stay outdoors for long. I bet there are some indoor play centers in our area that you've never heard of... click here for the KidsOutAndAbout big list of places to play indoors.

11) How to "Like" us more effectively

On the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, we often have interesting discussions, and that's where we announce giveaways first. Lots of you are signed up to get our Facebook posts, but recent Facebook changes mean they only show a few hundred of you any of our given posts... unless... you "like" us specially.

Here's how: If you go to our Facebook page, hover your mouse over the "Like" button. When you do, you'll see two lines: Show in News Feed, and Add to Interest List. Please make sure both are indicated. When you hit Add to Interest Lists, if you don't have any interest lists, you can just add a new one. How about calling it: Stuff to do with kids! That way you should be able to hear from us when we post. Thanks.

12) KidsOutAndAbout's five fictional families have a busy weekend this week! The Bravo Family, the Wall Family, the Woods Family, the Smart Family, and the Walker Family are our fictional families who take their kids to activities based on their particular interests. Here is what they are up to this weekend:

The Walker family focuses on health and physical fitness.
Friday: Half Price Admissionn at Red Butte Garden
Saturday: Essent ISU World Sprint Speed Skating Championships at Utah Olympic Oval
Sunday: Open Jump at The wAIRhouse Indoor Trampoline Park



The Bravo Family loves the arts.
Friday: Watch a Book, Read a Movie: Stardust at South Jordan Library (Salt Lake County Library)
Saturday: Treehouse Troupe Presents The Elves and the Shoemaker at Treehouse Museum
Sunday: IMAX: Hubble 3D at Clark Planetarium


This is the Woods Family. They love nature and the great outdoors.
Friday: Full Moon Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe at Sundance Resort
Saturday: Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month at Brighton Resort
Sunday: Ice Skating at the Gallivan Center's Outdoor Ice Rink at Gallivan Center

The Smart family focuses on educational and cultural activities.
Friday: Anti-Winter Beach Party at Whitmore Library (Salt Lake County Library)
Saturday: Da Vinci The Genius at The Leonardo
Sunday: Animal Encounter at The Living Planet Aquarium


The Wall Family prefers indoor activities.
Friday: Family Sleepover at Natural History Museum of Utah
Saturday: Salt Lake Symphony Family Concert: Mechanized Musical Garage at Salt Lake Symphony
Sunday: Highlights of the Collection Tour at Utah Museum of Fine Arts


13) And here is your weekend, day by day for your convenience:

Friday, January 25
Saturday, January 26
Sunday, January 27

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debra Ross
Mom of Madison (13) and Ella (11) - That's us below.