Salt Lake City Family Newsletter February 14, 2013 | Kids Out and About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Family Newsletter February 14, 2013

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Salt Lake City Family Newsletter 2/14/13

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Save the Date:

FRIDAY:  February 16Free Third Saturday Art Activity at UMFA: Torn Paper Landscapes at Utah Museum of Fine Arts
February 18: Rapunzel, Rapunzel: A Very Hairy Fairy Tale at SCERA Center for the Arts. .
February 18: Museum Mondays at Museum of Ancient Life
February 18: Presidents' Day Open Jump at The wAIRhouse Indoor Trampoline Park.
February 18: Family Art Night at Bountiful/Davis Art Center
February 19: Utah Jazz vs Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz
February 19: Mummies of the World the Exhibition at The Leonardo at The Leonardo
February 20: Two-for-One Night Skiing at Sundance at Sundance Resort
March 1-2: Utah All Kids Sale at South Town Expo
March 2: Safe Kids Fair at South Towne Expo (KidsOutAndAbout will be there!)

Where to take your kids ice skating
Family-friendly skiing within driving distance
Cross-country skiing
Indoor play centers
Where can kids ski free? Ski discounts in our region

Dear KidsOutAndAbout readers: 

Last week, my 13-year-old daughter approached me with a confession: "You know, I kind of loathe it when you drag us to all of these art museums and things."

The "out and about" queen's daughter loathes being dragged to the art museum?!? Oy. It was a bit of a kick in the ego. (For you longtime readers who have suspected that maybe my kids were not just like yours in this regard, now you know.)

Now, give me credit for resisting the urge to argue with Madison right off the bat. I mean, loatheReally? She also claims to loathe having dental instruments in her mouth, which seems perfectly reasonable. It felt to me that it would be a little strong to say one loathes a museum, though. (And I have proof that that she had a really good time doing this video about the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY.) But I did want to listen to what she had to say, because if my kid actually hated something legitimately, I probably wouldn't make her do it. (Much.) And of course, if she's not developmentally ready to get at least something out of an experience, it's better saved for later.

It turns out in this context that what Madison means by "loathes" is "bored by." And THAT is just ducky with me. Not that I don't work to make my kids' experiences relevant to them... I do my best to connect where they are at that moment to whatever we're looking at or doing. So it's not that I'd prefer that she be bored. But a little boredom is good for the soul. It spurs creative, active minds.

I'm concerned, sometimes, that growing up in this instant-gratification culture makes our kids crave constant stimuli. So being in a place where we can be quiet and plug in our minds is a good thing. Talking and talking with our kids about the stuff we're doing is also a good thing. Certainly better than handing them an iPhone to entertain them, right?

--Debra Ross

2) A Sampling of Weekend Activities in Salt Lake City: 

Friday, February 15: 

Saturday, February 16:

Sunday, February 17: 

Monday, February 18:

3) Win This Giveaway! 

Drawing Thursday, February 28, 2013

Win a wonderful seed garden to celebrate the coming of spring!
To encourage parents and kids to reconnect with traditional plants, the folks at Classical Formulas and Our Green Neighbors blog are giving away a free set of seeds. The seeds included in this giveaway are: 

Herbs (Culinary): Chives, Mixed Sweet & Thai Basil, Sweet Basil; Herbs (Medicinal): Plantain, Marshmallow, Mountain Mint, Elecampane, Catnip, Purple Coneflower, Borage (Blue & White), Lemon Balm, Chicory, Yellow Dock, Feverfew, Bee Balm, Balloon Flower, Selfheal, Common Milkweed, Calendula; Vegetables/Edible: Broccoli, Lettuce, Sunflower, Squash, Radish, Carrot, Tomato, Turnip. Included will be a few extra packs of extra-kid-friendly seeds such as peas, watermelon, mini-pumpkins, and beets!

To enter this free drawing, send your name, address, email, and phone number to by midnight February 28, 2013, with the subject KOA Seed Garden Drawing. Please include in your email if you wish to be added to the Classical Formulas mailing list to receive occasional communications from Classical Formulas about upcoming herbal education classes and events.  (One entry per household and US recipients only.)

4)  Birthday parties: Here's something you might like to accomplish during this first month of the year: Your child's birthday party. KidsOutAndAbout has a list of 114 creative places to have a birthday party in and around Salt Lake. Browsing through the list is a joy and will inspire you with all kinds of ideas. And think about how efficient you'll feel to have the initial planning done!

5) Indoor Play Centers: Speaking of birthday parties, most of the indoor play centers in our area have birthday parties. But there are a lot of other reasons to visit these great places! The most important is that your kids get active fun in the winter when the weather is too cold or nasty to stay outdoors for long. I bet there are some indoor play centers in our area that you've never heard of... click here for the KidsOutAndAbout big list of places to play indoors.

6) How to "Like" us more effectively

On the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, we often have interesting discussions, and that's where we announce giveaways first. Lots of you are signed up to get our Facebook posts, but recent Facebook changes mean they only show a few hundred of you any of our given posts... unless... you "like" us specially.

Here's how: If you go to our Facebook page, hover your mouse over the "Like" button. When you do, you'll see two lines: Show in News Feed, and Add to Interest List. Please make sure both are indicated. When you hit Add to Interest Lists, if you don't have any interest lists, you can just add a new one. How about calling it: Stuff to do with kids! That way you should be able to hear from us when we post. Thanks.

7) KidsOutAndAbout's five fictional families have a busy weekend this week! The Bravo Family, the Wall Family, the Woods Family, the Smart Family, and the Walker Family are our fictional families who take their kids to activities based on their particular interests. Here is what they are up to this weekend:

The Walker family focuses on health and physical fitness.
Friday: Cosmic Skating at Utah Olympic Oval
Saturday: Kids' Mini Downhill at Solitude Mountain Resort at Solitude Mountain Resort 
Sunday: Open Jump at the wAIRhouse Indoor Trampoline Park at The wAIRhouse Indoor Trampoline Park


The Bravo Family loves the arts.
Friday: Ballet West: Cinderella at Ballet West
Saturday:  The World of Puppetry Museum at Brigham City Fine Arts Center.
Sunday: Highlights of the Collection Tour at Utah Museum of Fine Arts


This is the Woods Family. They love nature and the great outdoors.
Friday: Penguin Encounter at The Living Planet Aquarium
Saturday: Half Price Admission to Red Butte Garden at Red Butte Garden
Sunday: IMAX: Hubble 3D at Clark Planetarium

The Smart family focuses on educational and cultural activities.
Friday: The LOVE Concert at Thanksgiving Point at Thanksgiving Point
Saturday: Mummies of the World the Exhibition at The Leonardo at The Leonardo
Sunday: Ballet West: Cinderella at Ballet West


The Wall Family prefers indoor activities.
Friday:  Kids Gaming at The City Library- Chapman branch at Chapman Library (Salt Lake City Public Library System)
Saturday: Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Treehouse Museum at Treehouse Museum
Sunday: Perfect Little Planet: Showing in the Hansen Dome at the Clark Planetarium at Clark Planetarium


8) And here is your weekend, day by day for your convenience:

Friday, February 15
Saturday, February 16
Sunday, February 17

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debra Ross
Mom of Madison (13) and Ella (11) - That's us below.